Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser Bull Bar – (11/80-5/90) 60 Series Wgn


Formula Offroad Bull bar.
Available in Polished Aluminium or Black 2Pac Steel as:
Type 51, 76mm Centre Tube style.
Type 52, Kato Upright style.


  • 50mm wing tubes over headlights. 
  • Incandescent amber indicator lights. (Vehicle dependant) 
  • 1 Aerial tab. (option for more).
  • Integrated light bar.
  • Provision to accomodate winch.
  • Optional 100mm NARVA Fog lights. RRP* $100.

P/n T51/2S RRP* $1290 Fitting time** 120mins
P/n T51/2A RRP* $1750 Fitting time** 120mins
* RRP is a supply only price and does not include freight charges and installation.
** Fitting times are only a recommendation and may vary between vehicles.